Jeep Safari Jim Corbett National Park

Jeep Safari Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park Jeep Safari

A residence of magnificent big cat “Royal Bengal Tiger” and world’s toughest sporting fish called ‘Masheer’, and a land of hills, streams, rivers and waterfalls, Jim Corbett National Park has something for all wildlife tourists and nature lovers.

And what do you think is the best way to explore this spectacular land of exotic wildlife and unique flora? Well, to experience the best of Jim Corbett National Park- Jeep Safari is the best avenue for the explorers.  On the foothills of Almora mountain ranges, the Park is filled with fresh air, array of beautiful flowers, and massive widespread grasslands.

One of the oldest, biggest and most populated National Parks of India, Jim Corbett is surely one of the most beautiful one. With more than 550 species of rare flora and 600 species of birds and a massive number of wild animals, Corbett is surely the best.

On that note, it is important that you enjoy the best of this magnificent Park in an open safari vehicle wherein you can explore the wilderness of the Corbett Park and certainly bring it back with you. Since, you left the town behind just to get a glimpse of majestic wild beast; you will love the ride in the jungles of Corbett.

When can you enjoy the best safari rides in Corbett National Park

Well, you are welcomed all 365 days of the year to explore and discover the richness of the land. However, the perfect time to enjoy jeep safari is from mid of November to end of June. Bijrani and Dhikala zone is closed during monsoon season as most of the roads get washed away due to rain.

Uttarakhand receives heavy rainfall in the monsoon season, therefore, many hotels and operators stop taking bookings for the safari. So, it is advised to plan your tour to Jim Corbett National Park during the best season so that you can enjoy the best of the nature.

Major Jeep Safari Zones in Corbett National Park

Geographically, the Park is divided into five splendid safari zones for better management of tourism in the Park. With better management, these zones are famous for holding the great wildlife population, and blissful natural affluence.

You can choose either from the two- Jeep Safaris or Canter Safaris. Well, if you like to keep it close and personal, Jeep Safari is best suited for you as only 8 members can go in one Jeep but if you like to explore with family and friends, the Canter can carry more people than Jeep.

However, for those adventurer souls, there is also an option of elephant Safari which is conducted mostly during early mornings.

The five Safari Zones of Corbett are Dhikala zone, Bijrani zone, Jhirna Zone, Dhela Zone and Durga Devi Zone. You can choose from the following description whether which Zone to select according to your preference:

Dhikala Zone

The most picturesque landscapes in Corbett National Park lie in Dhikala ecotourism zone. Also, Dhikala is one of the largest amongst all other five tourism zones with immensely rich wildlife and flora. With dense Sal forest, widespread grasslands, narrow valleys and streaming Ramgana River, Dhikala is most appropriate habitat for the exotic wildlife of Corbett. The Ramganga River is considered as the lifeline of the Corbett forest which enriches the rustic beauty of the wild and nourishes the flora and fauna of the Corbett.

The Royal Bengal Tiger and gigantic Asiatic Elephants are mostly spotted in this zone which delights the travelers and explorers the most. The fair population of these massive beasts attracts the tourists and makes it one of the most visited zones of Corbett. You won’t leave without spotting any wild animal from here.

Not only this, Dhikala Zone is also famous for overnight stay inside the jungle. 5o km deep in the Jungle, Dhikala Forest Rest house provides the opportunity to stay inside the jungle amongst the wild animals of Corbett. For those who love to experience the nature at its best, Dhikala Safari Zone is the bliss.

Bijrani Zone

After Dhikala, Bijrani zone is considered as the best zone for spotting Royal Bengal Tigers, leopards, other big cats and wild elephants. The landscape of this zone is almost equally beautiful as Dhikala zone with large grass fields known as Chaurs and dense Sal forest, plenty of water bodies and streams creates a beautiful and harmonious environment for wildlife to coexist. Different types of deer and antelopes namely Chital, Sambar, Hog Deer are found in this zone.

The entry to this zone is from Amdanadda gate which is around 1 km from Ramnagar. The temperature inside the jungle is approximately five degrees lesser than outside and so you are an altogether different zone when you are inside the Bijrani zone. Here, you can also opt to stay inside this zone in Bijrani Forest Rest House and Mailani FRH.

One safari jeep can carry a maximum of the 6 adults and 2 children excluding driver and guide/naturist. A guide is mandatory with the jeep to get the entry.

Jhirna Zone

Jhirna Safari zone lie in the southern edge Corbett Tiger Reserve and is famous for some exclusive tiger and sloth bear sighting along with the spectacular view of the landscape which is pretty affluent in wildlife. Jhirna is more of dry forest land with dry deciduous trees and large green landscapes knonwn as Laldhang Chaur. The herbivores like deer, smabhar, nilgai and elephants are quite fond of strolling around in Chaurs.  So, here you can spot versatile wildlife living in harmony with each other.

Jhirna ecotourism zone is considered excellent spot for bird watching and you can spot a lot of local and migratory birds here.  Numerous water streams nourish this kind of versatile wildlife here in Jhirna Safari zone.  You can enter Jhirna from Dhela Gate which is around 25 km from Ramnagar, the nearest town to Jim Corbett National Park.

The safari for Jhirna zone is organized throughout the year and two shifts in a day with the maximum of 30 Jeeps in a shift. A maximum of 6 adults and 2 children (below 12 years of age) are allowed in a Jeep.

Durga Devi Zone

For those who love bird watching, this zone is perfect for you. Birds like Grey headed fishing Eagle, Black Chinned Yuhina, Maroon Orile, Crested Laughing Thrushor, long tailed Broadbill are a common sight here. Besides this, it is the very zone in Corbett where the endangered Mahsheer fish come for breeding. The best time to visit this zone is from Mid November to June.

Sitabani Forest Zone (Buffer Zone)

This zone is the reserve forest zone and is located outside the Corbett Tiger reserve area. The zone is popularly known as Buffer zone as it is open for everyone to visit. Since, it is a buffer zone, spotting Bengal Tigers is a hard task here, and however, you can find many herbivores strolling around. Besides, this zone is pretty amazing for bird watching with 600 species of birds coming here. The private vehicles are also allowed in this zone.

If you just want to appreciate the beauty and have some quality time with family and friends, this zone is for you. Besides, bird watching is one thing to eye for.

Dhela Safari Zone

The sixth eco-tourism zone of Corbett National Park, Dhela zone is spread over sprawling 1173 hectares. Unlike other zones, only 15 jeeps could enter in one shift in Dhela zone as it is just the latest entry into tourism map of Indian in 2014. This zone also remains open all year round for safaris. The zone consists of mix topography which includes the dense forest of trees like Sal, Haldu, Bahera, Rohini and Kusum along with the large grasslands and various water bodies. Leopards, wild elephants, Nilgai, different species of Deer, wild bears and the various species of reptiles and birds are common in this area.

You can enjoy the quaint beauty of the Dhela zone on Jeep Safaris as unlike other zones; it does not offer accommodations inside the zone. However, you can enjoy watching beautiful Laldhang, grassland where one can spot wild pigs, Neelgai, and birds too.

Safari Booking and Tarrif

  • For Indian nationals, price of Jeep Safari which carries 6 adults and 2 children below 12 years of age is 4800 per safari.
  • For Foreign nationals, price of Jeep Safari which carries 6 adults and 2 children below 12 years of age is 8000 per safari.

Best time to visit zone wise

  • Dhikala Jeep Safari zone which is the most popular and populated zone of Corbett National park should be visited during mid November to June.
  • Bijrani Jeep safari zone is a beautiful zone with massive landscapes and exotic wildlife and it should be visited during mid October till March for best experience.
  • Jhirna Jeep Safari zone could be visited all year round with no season restrictions.
  • Dhela Jeep Safari zone is an absolute delight for visitors and it is advised that best time to visit his safari zone is mid November till March starting. During rainy season, it is not much advisable to visit these zones. However, you could always book your jeep safari during this season at your own risk.
  • Durga Devi zone must be visited from mid February till June end for the best experience. 

Jeep Safari Timings

The timings of Jeep Safari booking could change subject to seasons but mostly the timings remain same during season time.

Morning timings -- 5:45 am, 6.00 am and 6:30 am

Evening Timings—1:00 pm, 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm

Note: These timings are subject to availability

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