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Jim Corbett Top Resort and Hotels

We offer some exciting and extremely reasonable Jim Corbett Resort Booking that you just can’t deny. With some most luxurious and popular hotels in Jim Corbett National Park, we create custom Resort packages that are handmade keeping the needs and requirements of every visitor group. Whether you want to travel in style or you like it rough and tardy, we have it all. By choosing from our most reasonable and exciting Resort packages in Jim Corbett, you can enjoy your stay and entire trip without any hassles of last minute bookings or cancellations.

Besides, we keep it sorted by including everything that can make you go gaga bout your trip.

Popular Tour Packages


Where peace meets epic and adventure meets soulfulness, such a place is Jim Corbett National Park. With no limits to wildlife spotting, enjoying natural affluence and raging thrill within you, the Park offers some stunning night stay options. When the roars of majestic Bengal Tiger touch your ear, and elephant trumpets loudly that is the joy of wildlife and nature.

Amidst all these spectacular wildlife events, Corbett Night Stay would take you to another level of wildlife exploration. With some amazing night staying options within the jungle, you can create some unforgettable memories as you leave from here. With all inclusive Jim Corbett Night Stay Packages, staying within the jungle is an altogether different experience. Some old forest houses are built during British era and offer amazing staying option with only basic necessities.

With some of the best night stay packages Corbett offers a splendid stay in plethora of hotels, guest houses and forest rest houses. Whether you wish to stay inside the jungle or outside the catchment area, you can choose from some of the amazing night stay options. In country’s one of the biggest and oldest national parks, it would be an exceptional experience to stay within the jungle and come across more than 500 species of fauna including magnetic birds, 450 species of flora, 25 species of reptiles and 50 species of mammals.

You can enjoy a short or long getaway to this destination during 9 months of the year from November to June and spend a night or two with amazing Jim Corbett Night Stay Packages. Whether you are coming with your friends or family, this place is epic for all kinds of trips and tours. However, if you like to travel solo, you have all the safe and secure staying options wherein you could be best treated no matter where you choose to stay. From families in for an unforgettable vacation experience to wildlife explorers and nature photographers, we provide the right accommodations for every individual.

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Wildlife Safari

Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett

With five splendid Jeep Safari zones – Dhikala, Dhela, Durga Devi, Bijrani and Jhirna, Jim Corbett National Park offers unique safari experience divided strategically. All five Jeep safari zones are equally interesting to visit with some exceptional flora and fauna to offer to the visitors. Those how love bird watching can explore Durga Devi jeep safari zone and enjoy it.

Canter Safari in Jim Corbett

For a larger group, the Park offers the facility of Canter Safari wherein 32 people can enjoy safari together. Canter Safari is allowed in all five zones with plethora of possibilities for all adventure and peace seekers.

Dhikala Tour Packages

Dhikala, the most sought after zone is known to have most of the wildlife staying inside and hence is the choice of maximum tourists. Dhikala is the most popular one and closest to the main gate. Besides, you can choose from several Dhikala tour packages to enjoy staying inside this zone in Old and New Forest Houses that were built during British era and offers a colonial stay with abundance of wildlife surrounding you.

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